We operate a number of direct retail outlets ourselves

• TasmanianMarket @ Hobart Waterfront Brooke St Pier
Located at Hobart’s Waterfront for close to 3 years  – Brooke Street Pier is also referred to as the MONA ferry terminal. The majority of our customers are tourists with many of these returning back to our outlet from previous trips to Hobart. Our products consist of a mix of Tasmanian made products, which are easy for customers to carry home.

• Interstate events
We continue to exhibit at a number of events around Australia. These events are a great exposure for our products and regularly result in a boost in online sales and repeat customers from the cities in which the event is held.

• TasmanianMarket.com.au

Using our online platform enable you to have more channel to display your products. We have well experience in operating TasmanianMarket online and accumulated a numerous customers base, this means that there may be more potential customers interested in your products which simply means increase the exposure of your products as well as sales.